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Artist Management

The Far West

"Technically pure, slightly jaded, no-nonsense, and honest with stellar storytelling for the everyman."

The Far West has played shows at premier Los Angeles Venues: The Echo, Silverlake-Lounge, The Satellite, The El Rey Theatre, and many more.

Since Matt came on as manager, The Far West has made serious headway in the Los Angeles scene. They have played shows with JD Mcpherson, Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants (of Foo Fighters fame), and Nick 13.

They are recent signees to Mongrel Music. An artist line-up that includes Dave Alvin, Eilen Jewell, Zoe Muth, Big Sandy, Texas Tornadoes, Chris Smither, and many more.

The Ben Reddell Band

LA Weekly - "You may recall Ben Reddell from his place on the bass behind L.A.'s Leslie Stevens & The Badgers cq -- he's the tall, mustachioed longhair who seems like he'd have been equally at home playing with Willie Nelson as with Roky Erickson. But Reddell has a guitar and a band of his own, too, and a voice that comes out as weatherbeaten and world-weary as any classic Texan troubadour. (Hey, Guy Clark? Townes Van Zandt? Is there room for one more to share that bottle of the strong stuff?) If you saw the film Heartworn Highways, and if you laughed and then tried not to cry at all the appropriately hilarious and heartbreaking moments, you're primed for Ben Reddell's band. They'll ready the beer if you've got the tears." --Chris Ziegler


Turnstyled Junkpiled Review

Booking / Promotions

The Grand Ole Echo

Matt books and promotes this weekly show called The Grand Ole Echo, bringing you LA's best Americana / Country / Roots music every Sunday in April - September at the Echo and Echoplex in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. Past acts include legends and luminaries such as: Rosie Flores, Mike Stinson, Tony Gilyson, March Ford, Justin Townes Earle, Rono Stoneman, Marvin Etzioni, Henry Wagons, and many more...

The Grand Ole Podcast

Matt hosts a weekly podcast to promote the show each week. Artists he has interviewed include Old Californio, The Far West, Marvin Etzioni, Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam), Ben Vaughn, Chris Shiflett of Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants (Foo Fighters), Chris Vos of The Record Company, David Serby, Dave Gleason, Dan Janisch, Ted Russell Kamp, and more

In addition to booking for The Echo and Echoplex, Matt books regular shows at The Satellite in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA.


Southland Serenade

Southland Serenade is a Los Angeles based music guide with a simple mission - Keepin' Americana / Country / Roots music alive and well in Los Angeles. Southland keeps an in-depth calendar up to date with shows and events in the greater Los Angeles area. The site also includes interviews, show reviews, and album reviews of local and national touring acts.


"I drink my beer in a tavern, sing a little bit of these working man blues."

Merle Haggard - Workin' Man Blues

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